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Normandale Recognized as National Leader in Health IT Training, CECT Catalog, 2015

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MENTOR Health IT Program Kicks Off, 2014
Normandale Funded to Provide Health IT Training in Rural MN, 2013
Exemplary Program Award, 2011
New Program Offering in Emerging Health IT Profession, 2011



We're committed to teaching toward overall health information technology competency across an organization. 

By helping students understand how each part of an organization is affected by Health IT and how those areas are connected to one another, outside organizations, consumers and government, we can begin to improve care, create sustainable expertise and transform healthcare across the country. 

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MN Health Information Technology (MNHIT)

is part of the Continuing Education and Customized Training workforce development division of Normandale Community College where more than 7,000 individuals are trained each year.

We've been offering health information technology training since 2009 and have successfully trained over 7,000 individuals through our Health IT programs.


Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff

Personal Instructor/Advisor

Student and Industry Connections

Networking Opportunities

Career Resources

Practicum opportunities