Overview of Health Information Technology (OHIT)

Understanding healthcare systems, drivers, issues and culture is critical to working in health IT to provide context and insight to the work they do. This course provides an overview of healthcare and public health in the U.S., how they are organized and how services are delivered, the history of health information technology and relevant topics such as public policy, healthcare reform, professional and ethical issues and notable organizations.

Language of Health Information Technology (LHIT)

Learn to speak the same language as those who work in health IT. You will learn the terminology used by workers in healthcare, public health and information technology, including a refresher on anatomy and physiology and useful tools for communicating across healthcare and IT departments to create a common language to facilitate effective communication throughout an organization.

Health Management Information Systems (HMIS)

This course provides a foundational understanding of the common hardware and software used in health care and will introduce students to programming languages, data structure, networking, architecture and health information exchange concepts. An explanation of the various information systems in a healthcare setting and what they are used for is also included.

Health Information Technology Workflow Analysis and Change Management (WKFL)

Understand health workflow process analysis and redesign as necessary components of complete practice automation. Process validation and change management are key concepts covered. Understand rapid prototyping, user-centered design and evaluation, usability, and the effects of new technology and workflow on downstream processes.

Leadership and Teams in Health Information Technology (LDTM)

Understand leadership roles, principles of leadership and effective management of teams. Emphasis is on the leadership modes and styles best suited to IT deployment and changes. Understand what it means to be a “team player” and the roles of team members, the importance of communication and group cohesion.

Networking and Health Information Exchange (NHIE)

Learn the content and purpose of networking components and structure, protocols, processes and tools throughout the ISO Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) layer are explained. Understand how data flows through the network and is transmitted and received by end devices.

The Business of Health IT (BHIT)

This course provides an introduction to privacy & security, licensing, HIPAA, Meaningful Use (MU), quality, clinical decision support and patient safety.

Electronic Health Records Bootcamp Virtual Lab (EBOT)

Work with simulated systems and de-identified data to gain hands-on experience using an electronic health records (EHR) system. Learn what happens “under the hood” as you play the role of various practitioners using the systems. You will experience threats to security and how to address standards, usability and errors. Gain an overview of the most popular vendor systems highlighting the similarities and differences between them.

Health IT Project Management (HIPM)

Understand the project management tools and techniques necessary to create and follow a health information technology project management plan.