“As a leader in the evolution of training for healthcare workers, Normandale is one of a handful of higher ed organizations that has kept up with industry’s rapid pace of change.” – Dr. Kevin Larsen, Enterprise Lean and Performance Improvement Lead, CMS

“It’s no longer just about electronic health records. Instead, the focus is now on helping healthcare workers really use systems and tools in meaningful ways. Normandale is in one of the best positions in Minnesota to provide this level of education. The ACT Health IT training is an incredible opportunity for healthcare workers to level up their skills and expertise and stand out.” – Mindy Hangsleben, Lean Entrepreneur Fellow, CMS

“Normandale’s MNHIT Training Program offers students more than the background they need to transition into a healthcare IT career. The exceptionally knowledgeable and committed staff take groups of diverse students, and help them to harness and extend their talents. We (as students) are encouraged to apply our background, passion, and perspective to the program, bringing a rich variety of viewpoints and a sense of community to each cohort. MNHIT empowers us to be the vehicles for change in healthcare – not just the passengers. Whether we come from an IT or health background, we are given a chance to see the driving forces behind healthcare changes in America, both past and present, and the tools we need to track (and effect) future changes. The best advice I can give you, as a previous student of the program, is to talk about it with the staff and students (both current and past) and see if it inspires you. So many of us are living (and making a living at) something we are passionate about. Are you?”– Michael B, MNHIT Graduate

“The MNHIT program helped me leverage my knowledge as a dental hygienist with new skills in IT and training which opened the doors to new employment opportunities. I formed my own company and have consulted in a number of settings, including private clinics, MHA and NCC.” – Peggy C, MNHIT Graduate

“The MNHIT program has provided a unique opportunity for me to bridge my Biomedical training and IT training into something useful for industry.” – Joshua E, MNHIT Graduate

​”The MNHIT program provided a rigorous and thorough learning experience. This program provides excellent instruction and experience in workflow analysis, program design and management as well as demonstrating the value of the electronic medical record. I have been in health care as a provider and administrator for over 25 years. I will use the knowledge I gained from this program in my regular duties as well as a means of improving my personal career opportunities and performance.” – Robert F, MNHIT Graduate

“​I had known prior to my enrolling in the MNHIT Program that part of my job responsibilities as Senior Clinical Director (Nursing) would tie into our planned conversion from Meditech to Epic. I started the MNHIT program and then learned part way thru that I was to be the Project Manager for our Epic implementation. It was a 10 month project. I would have never been able to handle that job assignment without the training MNHIT provided me. I finished the MNHIT program concurrently with the project implementation which made me extremely busy, but turned out to be very good. I finished MNHIT in June and the project went live November 1st. Even during our project, I decided to go forth and take the National certification test…even though I didn’t have time to study anymore at that time…and passed it without any problems. The MNHIT program was absolutely what I needed for my job in a rural MN hospital with an intense implementation project.” – Barbara F, MNHIT Graduate

“Prior to enrolling in the MNHIT program, I struggled getting into healthcare-related companies as a business analyst. Since finishing the MNHIT program, I have been recruited by, accepted by, and worked at Meritain Health (insurance) as a BA. I am also now a BA at Prime Therapeutics (prescription benefits management company), and my healthcare career is set!!! Many thanks to Normandale’s Continuing Education and the opportunity they gave me!” – Ben J, MNHIT Graduate

“I really liked the format of Normandale’s HIT Program. The instructors were great, and were always around if we needed anything. The program played a big role in teaching important elements of the industry that I use in my current position. I really enjoyed my experience at Normandale. The workplace skills, core, and work role specific training along with the Career HITrac Program provided me with the skills, confidence and network I needed to get a job and thrive in the Health IT field.” – Stefanie K, MNHIT Graduate

“The MNHIT program’s greatest strength is the opportunities for making connections with real people at real places. The staff at Normandale strive to pull you out of Cyberspace anonymity and into experiences and opportunities.” – Randy L, MNHIT Graduate

“I’m a healthcare data analyst at HCMC in the performance improvement department. I want to thank the MN Health IT program because I believe this was a great program and I’m using the skills I acquired every day at my new job.” – Tatyana L, MNHIT Graduate

“After completing the HIT training, I spread the word to others in HealthPartners about the benefits of the program,” said Nesvacil. “Since going through the program, my assignments have been more enterprise-level and incorporated both IT and operational areas. The foundation of knowledge I gained in the program played a big role in that step.” “When we are so busy with learning and doing our work in current role or job, we are challenged to know or understand what other hot topics or industry changes are going on. The HIT program exposed me to topics beyond my current role helping me understand the full spectrum of health care technology evolution.” – Alicia N, MNHIT Graduate

“As soon as I finished the program, I received an email from one of my networking contacts in IT indicating that he had received a promotion and thought I would be great for his old position,” said Ortiz. “I applied and was hired as an Application Analyst I, I went from working my day to day job with no possibilities of advancement to endless opportunities to learn and excel in my career. Six months ago, I was promoted to an Application Analyst II.” – Jen O, MNHIT Graduate

“Combining the HIT training with my nursing and IT background has been very instrumental and rewarding in my career advancement. I have been better positioned to face the challenges ahead and ultimately align my goals with the direction that healthcare is moving toward.” – Michael T, MNHIT Graduate